Designing for Learning in Organizations

Summer 2019


Synchronous Virtual

June 19  - July 17  | 2019

11:00 am – 12:30 pm CST (Wednesdays)
[Application Deadline: May 28, 2019]

August 29  - September 29  | 2019

7:00 pm – 8:30 pm CST (Thursdays)
[Application Deadline: August 7, 2019]

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Course Overview

To help you improve performance in your organization, this course will explore how to design learning experiences to foster a learning culture. Individually, we’ll cover mindsets that stimulate exploration, including intellectual humility and having a learning orientation. We’ll see how these mindsets can serve as a foundation for designing experiences that promote insight into organizational challenges. Each participant will walk away with insights and methods to foster individual and organizational learning in his or her own organization.

4 weeks | 2 hours per week

+ 4 hours prep per week

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  • Who Should Attend
    • Executives and senior leadership team members in organizations of all types.
    • Senior managers or team leaders who are responsible for organizational learning and change.
    • Experienced designers and consultants who want to help facilitate organizational learning and transformation.
  • What Questions Will We Answer
    • What does it mean to learn as an individual and how does this understanding link to improved workplace performance?
    • What are specific ways to foster exploration and innovation into the flow of work?
    • What can we do to promote an organizational culture where individuals speak up about important issues, learn from failure, and can see the “Big Picture” of their work?
    • What are the leadership challenges associated with building a learning culture?
  • Benefits and Outcomes
    • Understand the science of learning and performance.
    • Understand frameworks to understand expertise and how it is developed.
    • Learn key tools and mechanisms to support learning and development.
    • Understand the social norms needed to support learning in organizations and how your organization can foster these norms.
    • Design a specific learning intervention to improve individual or organizational performance.
Ryan Smerek


Ryan Smerek

Ryan Smerek, Assistant Professor and Assistant Director of Academic Affairs at MSLOC, is an author and thought leader in organizational learning and performance, innovation and decision-making with a background in academia and culture & leadership consulting.